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We're all Connected

The MyKids Unite© Team Celebrate Friendships for All,
Kindness to Animals and a Healthy Planet Earth!

Their Missions Take Them on Adventures to Support the Environment, Social Causes and Freedoms to Live, Love and Create in Peace and Harmony with One Another!

We Support you To:

• Always be yourself, uniquely great
• Express yourself freely; art, music, science, anything that inspires you
• Believe in your unique and wondrous contribution to the world
• Embrace and protect those who cannot speak for themselves
• Support a clean, green and healthy planet
• Be loving and kind to yourself and all living beings.

Help Save The Elephants!

#LoveElephants - #SayNOtoIvory

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Rockin Mykids Music Video

The Rockin’ MyKids Band are heading into the studio
to record their first music video!

Freedom Rocks Magazine interview with the band comes out soon with all the juicy details. Stay tuned!

Fall 2015 - The MyKids World, Website, and Cartoon Series
are in development !

Hang in here, there are some cool things to check out!
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