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Join the Revolution with Florentina the MyKids Unite© Team to Celebrate Friendships for All! Learn about being a good friend, making new friends and learning Just How Amazing You Are for You and I am For Me!

Download the E-Book today! $3.99 from the MyKids Unite Team! Print version also available worldwide!

Florentina and the MyKids Unite© Team brings you on unexpected and fun adventures in their popular illustrated book "Celebrate Friendships for All, Don't Be a Bafoodle!"!

Bright, colorful illustrations and unique characters, this enlightening story captures the imagination of kids, young and old!

Inspired by the MyKids Friends© Characters created by Florentina, the MyKids Unite© Team creates opportunities to opening hearts, genuine smiles of understanding and ultimately loving acceptance that people are people and are all deserving of friendships!


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  And remember #YouMatter #BeYourself #BeKind


Teaching Tool with Lesson Plans for Kids of ALL Ages AND Abilities Available as a downloadable PDF / E-book September 2018! Meets US Dept of Education Requirements!


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15% of profits donated to Camp Speranza to provide much needed vacations for families with special needs kids of all ages.